As we go through this pandemic there are many parts of us that need attention that we need to focus on. Taking care of ourselves is the single most important thing that we can do. If we can take care of ourselves then, and only then, can we help better our communities. One way we can better ourselves is by taking our magnesium supplements. They can help with the processing of many functions in our body such as gastrointestinal issues. Not only can it help with our body, but it can also help us fight the battles with our mind. Mental health has become a very big topic recently due to the pandemic and higher levels of anxiety and depression have come from it. Some studies suggest that magnesium supplements have been found to help reduce anxiety.

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How can a natural supplement such as magnesium help treat our neurological health?

It plays an important role in calming the messengers of the nervous system to a less excitatory state. Not only is magnesium good for helping with the mental symptoms of anxiety and depression but it can also help with the physical symptoms as well. Magnesium can alleviate any tension or muscle pain caused by anxiety such as poor posture or back pain. Having these muscles relaxed have shown to decrease the feeling of anxiety and/or depression.