welcome to the mvua movement

Like you, mvua is dedicated to providing quality care to all those who seek it, and with your help, we can make this possible.

To learn more about the specific benefits mvua can offer to your unique patients, please find your field of practice below.



By taking a vow to improve the lives of your patients, your values align with those of mvua. Unlike other supplement manufacturers who focus on mass production and money-making, mvua’s main goal is to provide supplements that not only work, but are easy to swallow, limit side effects, and allow people to feel strong, healthy, and empowered in their everyday lives.


Physical therapy works wonders on the lives of those battling injury, illness, or disability. To help empower those struggling, and to reduce their pain symptoms, mvua is dedicated to designing products that decrease pain and increase energy in those facing physical barriers.

naturopathic doctors

As a Naturopath, you know the power of non-invasive healing supplements. Natural and powerful, mvua supplements prevent the need for those suffering from a variety of illnesses and pains, from having to subject themselves to medical testing, drugs, vaccines, and in some cases, even surgery.


Pharmacists pride themselves on guiding and delivering the right medications and aids to those who seek comfort from their suffering. With strong values, quality manufacturing, and amazing results, mvua is a brand you’ll be proud to support.

nurse practitioners

Trained to provide expert advice to your patients, mvua’s goals parallel your own. At mvua, we work to not only provide great products, but to also educate our customers on the many benefits natural supplements can deliver to the body. mvua’s compounds are designed to address and limit the effects of the acute and chronic medial conditions you work to treat everyday. With mvua, your patients will begin to gain more strength, independence, and livelihood.

nutritionists / rhns

As an expert on how food and nutrition impact the health and wellbeing of your patients, you understand that sometimes it’s hard to get all of the vitamins and minerals we need from food alone. mvua’s supplements help to increase the levels of important elements the body relies on to function and survive. In addition to the food you guide your patients to eat, mvua supplements can help to boost nutrition and improve the lives of those looking to improve their health.