Is it just you, or is there really not enough time in the day? If you tire easily and find it difficult to get things done, you might be experiencing the side effects of magnesium deficiency, something that will slow you down in more ways than one.

When the body does not get enough magnesium, it isn’t able to perform at its peak, leaving you physically and mentally exhausted sooner than you should be.

In other words, magnesium deficiency is killing your lifestyle, and here’s why.

Getting Enough Sleep

Without sleep, we can’t be productive. Without magnesium, we can’t sleep.

Magnesium helps keep our GABA levels high enough. When our GABA levels are low, our minds are less able to rest and relax, and we are more likely to experience anxiety or panic attacks.

Magnesium is also crucial for muscle contractions. Without magnesium, you are likely to have tense muscles, which makes falling asleep difficult and can cause restless legs syndrome.

Long story short, if you are low in magnesium, you are likely going to ruin your sleep quality.

Meeting Your Fitness Goals

Staying in shape means making sure that your body is physically able to perform at its best. Bodies that are low in magnesium aren’t fully equipped to take on the day, so, make sure you think twice when planning your daily diet.

Because muscles can’t contract without magnesium, you build less muscle mass when recovering after a workout if you are magnesium deficient. It is then no wonder that magnesium is the main ingredient in countless pre and post workout supplements!

Managing Chronic Pain

For those with chronic pain, it is important to be diligent with magnesium intake so that deficiency doesn’t interfere with their ability to live a normal life.


For example, migraines are notorious for preventing sufferers from being able to work. However, research has shown that magnesium intake reduces the frequency of migraine attacks by 41.6%, making you less reliant on sick days.


For women, research has shown that a lack of magnesium is directly related to severe PMS symptoms, so keeping magnesium levels high may stop PMS from disrupting your life.

These are just a few examples of chronic pain that can be managed with magnesium.

Skip the Coffee, Take Magnesium

Constant fatigue can impact every aspect of your daily life. For individuals that are prone to fatigue (such as those with sleep disorders), magnesium intake should be monitored.

When our muscles have less magnesium, they burn energy more quickly, which will make us tired sooner. Some of us need caffeine before our feet hit the floor, but don’t forget to take one to two natural magnesium glycinate supplements in the morning with a cup of coffee to stay energized longer.

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