Promoting hair health with magnesium

While hair health naturally decreases as you age, if you suffer from dry hair, dandruff, hair loss, and even graying, you may also be experiencing the side effects of having a magnesium deficiency.

How Calcium Is Damaging Your Hair

Magnesium helps the body absorb and put nutrients to work. One of the most important nutrients magnesium helps to balance is calcium, a mineral necessary for helping to strengthen your bones and teeth. However, when your body is magnesium deficient, calcium can begin to calcify and lead to your hair follicles drying up. Calcium can also latch on and damage your hair from showering frequently in ‘hard water’.

To help treat and save your hair, magnesium, both in pill and in oil form, can provide positive results.

Magnesium Oil

By massaging magnesium oil on to your scalp, you can help to promote hair growth and strength. The massaging will stimulate your hair follicles and help them to absorb the oil quickly, allowing for the magnesium to enter your body through your skin and help to combat the build up of too much calcium. Magnesium oil will also help to soothe your scalp should it be irritated, dry, itchy, or oily. Topical magnesium clears away bacteria and will leave your scalp feeling fresh and your hair feeling strong.

Magnesium Supplementation

While magnesium oil may work best for some, others are more suited to enjoy the full benefits of taking a daily magnesium supplement. Magnesium supplements can help to prevent and treat the following hair health issues:

  • Premature graying
  • Thinning of the hair
  • Hair loss
  • Facial hair growth in women

Magnesium supplements can also offer additional health benefits by reducing your chance of:

Magnesium Deficiency Prevention

In addition to taking magnesium supplements, you can help to support proper hair growth by:

  • Reducing your alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Eating magnesium rich food such as spinach, dark chocolate, almonds, avocado, and yogurt.
  • Taking Epsom salt baths
  • Avoiding straightening, curling, colouring, blow-drying, and damaging your hair with heat and chemicals.

How mvua Magnesium Can Help

Our mvua magnesium glycinate compound is designed to be highly absorbable, causing less disruption to your digestive tract, as well as transporting magnesium more quickly to your cells. mvua’s magnesium is also easy to swallow, gluten and common allergen free, and helps to keep the body functioning properly.

Rest assured, magnesium glycinate can help to solve your deficiency concerns and improve your overall hair health as you age. Give it a try today.